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match your game.

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Your choice.
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Discovery Premium Selection is a premium multipurpose paper, that ensures an outstanding performance and perfect print quality.


unrivalled performance


more vivid and contrasting colors

High Opacity

ideal for double-sided use


improved printing quality

The perfect paper for
high quality, color and
black & white documents

Suitable for all laser & inkjet applications, guaranteeing excellent runnability and superb color printing results.


for high speed performance

Discovery 20lb Details Details


for color printing quality

Discovery 24lb Details

A top performer that
always excels.

When compared to competitor papers, Discovery’s high quality features give it unrivalled performance, and contribute to its award as Most Valuable Paper (MVP).

Eucalyptus Globulus

top quality fibers

State-of-the-art Technology

more vivid and contrasting colors

Bright white shade and high bulk

ideal for double-sided use

Paper Technology

Our state-of-the-art papermaking technology provides a professional look to all your office documents.

Discovery’s innovative and sustainable production guarantees a paper that always seeks to excel all your expectations by delivering a unique and top quality paper.


Discovery Premium Sell Sheet 2018

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